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Can't Connect

posted Jan 24, 2012 03:56:26 by DavidRoshan
I'm new to this server, when I tried to join i got stuck and the logging in and then got a socket exception time out error.
Was the server down on the 24th of Jan 3pm Sydney time?

I'd really like to get on this server because of the mod selection.

If that's not possible how could I host my own server for this set of mods. (I know basic bukkit hosting.)
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SvenSundeAlfsvåg said Jan 24, 2012 18:31:59
I have had the same problem, whats the point of claiming it is open 24/7 when it never is. At this very moment it is actually down.
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TomEinarKallevåg said Jan 24, 2012 19:55:26
As Sven said the server is ALWAYS down and when it is up it lags and disconnects/restarts are frequent.

Something needs to be done.
Kapitank said Jan 24, 2012 22:07:32
I agree there needs something done about this i have been emailing flaming and the 2 days it was down recently was because computer died.. I really hope something is done because I LOVE this server but can never seem to play on it more than a few hours before having to wait a few days again.
DavidRoshan said Jan 25, 2012 10:46:18
Cools, is there any other servers that run the same mod set.

Or can flaming give us the files so we can run our own privately for friends?
SvenSundeAlfsvåg said Jan 25, 2012 23:02:28
It would be nice to be able to host your own server, been trying for a while now to make a server similar to this one. If it's possible for flaming to post a server to be downloaded with a small tutorial or something, it would be fantastic. We don't need any support (not for my part that is) or you don't need to offer any support if you don't want to. Its hard to be creative in Player vs player worlds. So if you could provide with a private server download for me and my friends that would be great.

This does not mean that you should take away or make any changes on the existing server, we're just asking for a extra service if you could provide.
tom0905 said Jan 28, 2012 16:31:08
yea its been down for a while last i herd they have been having computer planning on hosting the server for them though when i get the last part to my new computer so its more reliable
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