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Remove/Restrict nukes

posted Jan 17, 2012 20:20:34 by TomEinarKallevåg

Today I tested a nuke for the second time, and as the first time it caused the server to crash. The server has been down all day due to this.

I petition for the Nuclear bomb to be restricted so that no one can use it. It is not only a server crasher, it's also a very cheap bomb that can be obtained TOO easily. One nuclear bomb can erase an entire base, it is not a fair weapon and it is not possible to defend against it.

Those are the reasons that I am petitioning for it to be removed.
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SvenSundeAlfsvåg said Jan 17, 2012 20:51:53
I agree, it's the main reason nobody builds anything over ground.
avatar said Jan 18, 2012 00:02:50
I agree we are goin to nerf it today as we are making a new world if you would like to suggest the new radius of it please tell me :)
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